UICH International Congress 2012

Once a year, the members of Les Clefs d’Or (The Golden Keys International Association) have the opportunity to attend the UICH (Union Internationale des Concierges d’Hôtel) International Congress. These Congresses are held in a different location each year.  In 2011 the host city was Toronto, Canada and in 2013 the host city will be Queenstown, New Zealand. Not only will London host the summer Olympics this year, it was also the host city of this year’s UICH congress.

Whilst the Congress is a multifaceted event, there are 3 key components that provide the framework of it. These are: The Board of Directors Meeting, The General Assembly and The Educational. The Board of Directors Meeting held at the host hotel, The Thistle Marble Arch, involves the members of the International Board, the Zone Directors (there are 7 geographical zones within our organisation) and member country Presidents, plus a second country representative. The meeting provides our International President, along with the other members of the International Board, to present their Annual Reports. It also provides a forum for discussions and questions to be raised from the Zone Directors or Presidents in attendance. It is worth pointing out that each elected position on the International Board operates on a two-year mandate. As an organisation we are self-regulated, however The Comité des Sages (a body made up of past presidents) is tasked with observing that the discussions and actions taking place at international meetings, comply with statutes and ideals. Continue reading